Kappa Mu Chapter at Georgia Southern University

Why Join Phi Mu

Why Join Phi Mu

 Maybe you have it all figured out, maybe not. In either case you'll need friends to help you along the way. Girlfriends. Sisters. Friends committed to you through a lifetime of ups and downs. Friends who'll help you grow as a person and as a leader. Friends who'll be there when you realize that you really don't have it all figured out. Friends who'll need you to be there for them, too. You know the type. They are the girlfriends who demonstrate that BFF sort of connection with you. They are there to build you up and to be by your side as you build up others. They have a special sort of energy about them. They are vibrant. And they're looking forward to friending you at Phi Mu.

Four Reasons YOU should be a Phi Mu:

  • To Make Friends
  • To Be The Best You
  • For An Opportunity To Lead
  • Because You Like To Help Others

W H Y P H I M U : A Senior's Standpoint 

Bryce Willian (Fall '15)

It was almost four years ago that I moved down to Statesboro and was getting ready to start the recruitment process-a week that made all the difference throughout my 4 years here at Georgia Southern. I knew one person, @ meredyth, and was lucky enough to run to the sweetest house on the end of row with her when bid day came around. I knew the first day of that week that Phi Mu was where I wanted to be. To this very day, I can still tell you every girl I spoke to in this house during that week. Conversations from my most embarrassing moments, to football, to a 45 minute conversation about Taylor Swift. They were real, they were honest, and they were comfortable.  Over the last four years I have found my forever friends, the ones that like to wake up at 8 AM just to share a cup of coffee with you, the ones that will comfort you when you’re feeling down, and that will laugh with you until your stomach hurts.  I have been covered in an abundance of love, growth, community, and memories all because of this wonderful place I’ve gotten to call home. I’ll miss ya the most, 114


Sisters In Christ 

Robin Salter (Fall '17) 

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to travel to Greek Summit with three more of my Kappa Mu girls. Greek Summit has been the most amazing two weeks for us. We have spent so much time deepening our relationship with Jesus and learning how to share these relationships in our chapter. It has been amazing spending quality time with each other, having lots of heart talks, and growing deeper and deeper in our faith and our friendships. We are all so excited to bring everything we learned back to Kappa Mu!


Friends x2

Emalee Brown (Fall '15)

Since Pre-K, Grace and I have taken on nearly every milestone by each other’s side. After joining Phi Mu in the Fall of 2015, I took on one year of Mu before having her join me in Fall 2016. Having my best friend run down row to me on bid day and being able to share the love I had for Mu with her was so special. Not everyone is lucky enough to have one best friend to share memories with from Pre-K all the way through college & beyond, but I’m so glad God chose her to be that person for me. Phi Mu has taken our friendship farther than I even thought was possible, having my best friend double as my sorority sister really means so much. I can’t wait to see what post-grad holds for this sweet friendship!